Private Jeweler & Graduate Gemologist

Jewelry is made to be worn and enjoyed, and with a little extra care you can help extend the enjoyment and keep your jewelry sparkling for a lifetime. Use these care and storage tips to keep your jewelry looking its best for generations to come.


  • What sort of regular maintenance should I do?
    • At least once a year, have your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected to check for loose settings, worn prongs and other potential problems. Catching it before you lose a stone is priceless!
  • How do I keep it clean? 
    • Clean your jewelry at home to avoid dirt buildup that can increase wear, but use precaution. Most jewelry can be cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a baby soft tooth brush. Stay away from sinks and drains. There are a few gems that require special care such as pearls which can be damaged by personal products such as cosmetics and lotions. Regarding pearl care or when in doubt, call Angela for a quick answer.
  • Do I need to deal with a loose stone right away?
    • If you see a loose stone or a prong that is worn or catches on fabric, it could lead to a lost diamond. Have your jewelry checked immediately. Also, if you bump or drop your jewelry, it is a good idea to have it inspected just in case there is damage that may be unnoticeable to the naked eye.
  • When should I not wear my jewelry? 
    • Diamonds are among the hardest materials on earth, but they can chip if struck at the right angle. When you are doing any potentially high impact activity, lifting weights, gardening or cleaning, it’s best to remove your rings first. Also, consider removing your jewelry before swimming. Fingers constrict in water and rings are more likely to fall off.
  • How should I store my jewelry when not being worn?
    • . When you’re not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a separate soft compartment, container or pouch. Storing jewelry cluttered together can cause scratches. Never hang necklaces as that can cause them to stretch. Be careful when using ring holders or jewelry dishes as these tend to stack rings on top of each other, which can cause damage.
  • What is the best way to store my jewelry securely? 
    • The best way to keep your valuables secure is to purchase a fireproof safe (and use it!), preferably in an inconspicuous place and bolted to the ground. Otherwise, store your jewelry in unlikely places and seldom worn jewelry in a safety deposit box.
  • How can I insure my jewelry?
    •  For peace of mind, be sure to get jewelry insurance with coverage that is right for you. Jewelers Mutual is a company I recommend for personal jewelry insurance. They will provide you with a free quote so you can make an informed choice.